It looks like you are interested so I would let you know about myself. I am Apoorva Pandey. Yeah right….you already know that by now.
I am a Python and Django developer who sometimes also has to work with JavaScript.
I started coding when I was in the 7th standard. Java was the first programming language I got introduced to and by the time I was in high school I was creating games in Java Applets(I know it’s old :p). It was a great feeling to be able to create games with no guidance and internet and this is where it all started. Thanks to my dad for giving me an Android smartphone, with my beginner level of knowledge in Java I was able to create (some shitty) Android apps in the school itself. After that, I went to an engineering college(not an IIT so can’t brag here :p) to do my B. Tech. in Computer Science. Just to summarise all the great things that happened in college by the time I graduated in 2019 I was a two time GSoC participant with contributions in several open-source projects. I lived my best life in college with no regrets and a lot of fun.

Currently, I am working as one of the core engineers at Datapane.
I am a happy person with not a lot of expectations from the illusions of life and social constructs. I just do what I am meant to do :). When I am not working I like to play games on my computer, watch random videos on YouTube(with no context), sing when alone, see memes on Instagram and Facebook(until it gives up saying “No more posts”), eat food, etc.
If you want to know more maybe you should reach out to me.