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GSoC 2018-Now You See It

Posted on:June 22, 2018 at 11:44 AM

Hello People,
Here’s a good news. I have cleared my first evaluation and with that came the first stipend. An inexplicable feeling as this is the first time that I have earned money for my work. This money is nothing though in comparison to the experience that I am getting during my participation in GSoC. This experience is invaluable.

So let’s get a brief of what I have been doing after my previous post. In my previous post I mentioned that I have started my work on the dashboard. So here it is, for your consideration, THE JERICHO!!! sorry, THE DASHBOARD!!!.( Any Ironman fans here? :D)
Dashboard Image
Looks great!!! Right? Nope? To me either.
Actually, this is just a base. I was working on getting things together and displaying it on the HTML page. We still have to decide on how we have to show the data and what all details we want to show.
Right now we have the running and we are able to generate the dataset_details.json and diffs using it. So I am now able to read the dataset details and show the diffs using Django. So we have a GUI now in form of a simple HTML page so we can see things easily and all the work we did till now is becoming visible.

Here’s what the side-by-side diff looks like showing the comparison of a table that has been changed by comparing it with its previous version. Diff Image
So a lot of work has to be done to improve the user interface and user experience of the dashboard. The next week is going to be full of discussions regarding it.
Now you will see it when it becomes even better.