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GSoC 2018-The Journey Begins

Posted on:April 28, 2018 at 10:25 AM

My open source journey started with Mozilla, one of the biggest open source organizations. I contributed to Mozilla’s addons-server repository.

The first issue that I worked on was Same permission are shown twice #405. In this issue, I had to remove the duplicate permissions in the permission list for web extensions. I asked the mentor by commenting on the issue where and what changes I have to make and immediately landed up a pull request for it. Voila! My first open source contribution. The feeling that I got after making my first contribution is inexplicable. After that I worked on several other issues and made contributions to some more open source projects.

YAAAY! That awesome feeling again. I have been accepted to GSoC 2018. I will be working on the project Status Server and Dashboard with the cool people at Weecology.

They have a package manager for data named Data Retriever. It downloads, cleans, and stores publicly available data, so that analysts spend less time cleaning and managing data.

Data retriever provides a number of publicly available datasets. These datasets are not stored at a single location but are downloaded from various publically available data repositories. New datasets are being added to retriever regularly so it becomes crucial to check the availability and installation of all datasets. This is a tedious task so the process needs to be automated.

The goal of this project is to create a status server and dashboard where maintainers and users can see the status of datasets i.e. whether the datasets are installing properly or not and the changes that have been made to the dataset.

So I will be working on this project for the next few months.
Looking forward to having a great learning experience while working on my project.