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GSoC 2019-Committing dataset using Data Retriever

Posted on:June 7, 2019 at 01:19 PM

Hello people,

The first two weeks of the coding period are over. Here’s a peek into what I have done in the past two weeks.

The first two weeks of my proposal comprised of creating functions for compressing datasets but I have been able to go ahead and implement the first command

retriever commit abalone-age -m "commit message" -p path_to_store_archive_file

This command creates a compressed file that contains the raw data of the dataset, the dataset script file and a metadata file that contains information about the commit. So basically, it contains every information of a dataset. The zipfile module made this task a lot easier. The compressed file after committing a dataset looks like this: zip file

My PR for this work is still under review and tests and will get merged soon.

In further work, I am going to create functions to extract data from the compressed file and use it for installing the dataset.